Semana Internacional de la Moto Mazatlan 2018 / International Motorcycle Week 2018 - Ride your motorcycle to Mazatlan and join the party!
The annual Mazatlan bike rally that draws bikers from around the world to the Malecon, running in 2018 from Wednesday April 4 until Sunday April 8!

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Updated January 19, 2018


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International Moto Week 2018 español
Parade your hog at the 2018 motorcycle rally in Mazatlán!

Motorcycle Week Mazatlan 2018! | History of Moto Week Mazatlan

Mazatlan - Durango rides | Motorcycle day trips from Mazatlan

Motorcycle Repair in Mazatlan - Dealerships, Mechanics and Parts

Free 2018 Mazatlan International Motorcycle Week schedule of events Now in its 23rd year, International Motorcycle Week in Mazatlan -- formally, Semana Internacional de la Moto Mazatlan -- is one of the bigger bike rallys anywhere in the world, and arguably the most fun!

Held annually since 1995, Semana Internacional de la Moto Mazatlan takes place the week after Easter, in 2018 from from Wednesday April 4 until Sunday April 8, 2018.

The rally draws over 20,000 bikers from around the world, and is an important highlight of Spring cultural events in Mazatlan.

This years' rally offers over 50 events including competitions, contests and concerts featuring some of the best performers in Mexico, and the rally and parade are open to vehicles that are not strictly traditional motorcycles, including three-wheelers and quads.

Visit Mazatlan this year for Semana Internacional de La Moto Mazatlan 2018 and enjoy the best bike rally in the Americas! To register online visit

Video of events at Mazatlan International Motorcycle Week held in 2016

International Motorcycle Week in Mazatlan, Wednesday April 4 until Sunday April 8, 2018!

Motorcycle Wheelie Stunt 2015International Motorcycle Week Mazatlan is open to all, motorcyclist or non-motorcyclist.

Semana Internacional de la Moto Mazatlan draws motorcyclists and spectators ranging in age from their 70s (or even older!) to very young children -- and everyone who attends has a wondeful, safe, experience.

Mazatlan Moto Week Motorcycle Club ColorsRepresentatives of the Mazatlan Motorcycle Club and local bikers with extensive local knowledge are eager to provide help and information to visiting bikers and the general public alike.

Club Rivalry is completely absent at Moto Week Mazatlan, and every motorcycle club and individual motorcyclist participating is welcome to proudly display their Colors in an inclusive environment of camaraderie and mutual respect.

Competitions, contests and plain-old fun activities!

The central gathering place for motorcyclists participating in Semana Internacional de la Moto Mazatlan are the large empty lots behind Sam's Club, and this is where registration and other formalities are taken care of. Events and activities during International Motorcycle Week Mazatlan include...

The Grand Parade on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Rural Sinaloa rides and motorcycle tours

An extreme off-road excursion for ATVs and other off-road vehicles

Motorcycle races in three classes: 600cc-750cc; 900cc-1000cc and an open class from 600cc-1300cc

Stunt riding competitions

Custom-modified bike competition

Prettiest biker competition

Pole dancing contests

Bikini contests

Beach parties with live rock music

Round-the-clock live bands and DJs at multiple locations ...and much more!

Schedule of Mazatlan Moto Week 2018 events, dates, times, locations

Wednesday April 4, 2018 Lots of Rock n' Roll and other fun activities to get Moto Week started with a bang! Remember: all the after parties rock until 4:00 am!

10am - 10pm Registration

6:30pm - 2am Live Rock n' Roll!

2am - 4am After party!

Thursday April 5, 2018 Tons of bike and biker activities including custom bikes, stunt riders, the ever-popular bikini and pole dancing contests and more concerts, including our first headline concert!

9am - 2pm Rural Sinaloa ride

10am - 10pm Registration

5pm - 2:30am Live Rock n' Roll and HEADLINE CONCERT!

2:30am - 4am After party!

Friday April 6, 2018 Get ready for another day of bikini and pole dancing contests, along with a tattoo contest and a wild featured performer concert!

9am - 2pm Rural Sinaloa ride to El Quelite

10am - 4pm Ruta Extrema off-road ride

10am - 10pm Registration

10am - 2am Beach parties, pole dancing and other competitions, live Rock n' Roll and another HEADLINE CONCERT!

2am - 4am After party!

Saturday April 7, 2018 Watch or ride in the Grand Parade starting at 5pm which flows south down the Malecon to Olas Altas Beach and the Centro Historico!

10am - 10pm Registration

10am - 2:30pm Beach parties, live Rock n' Roll and the Bikini Contest Final!


7pm - 2am Contests, live Rock n' Roll and another HEADLINE CONCERT!

2am - 4am After party at Joe's Oyster Bar!

Sunday April 8, 2018 Wind-down your visit to Moto Week with an afternoon and evening of comedy and live Rock n' Roll!

6pm - 10pm "Comedy Sunday", standup comedy from some of the best comedians in the business!

6pm - 10:00pm Live Rock n' Roll!

A brief history of Semana Internacional de la Moto Mazatlán

The history of International Mortocycle Week in Mazatlan dates back to 1985 when five Mazatlan motorcyclists decided to start Sunday morning motorcycle rides to nearby Sinaloa towns and destinations such as Concordia, Copala, La Noria and Playa el Caimanero.

Motorcycle Burn-out Mazatlan 2015At that time, motorcycles could only be imported into Mexico with special permissions and documentation, and only a limited number of brands were allowed to be imported at all.

Designed to protect the fledgeling Mexican motorcycle industry, these import restrictions were frustrating for Mexican motorcycle riders who wanted to aquire motorcycles that were more robust than Mexican manufacturers produced.

To the delight of motorcyclists throughout Mexico, import restrictions were lifted in 1987, causing an immediate increase in interest in motorcycles of all types and the sport of motorcycling throughout the country.

Motorcyclist partying in Mazatlan 2015Moto Club Mazatlan A.C. was formed shortly after motorcycle import restrictions were lifted.

The club was, from its inception, broadly inclusive: all types of motorcycles and motorcyclists were warmly welcomed, and the central goal of the organization was to nurture interest in motorcycling in all its forms, and to encourage non-motorcyclists to consider the joys that the sport has to offer.

Membership in Moto Club Mazatlan A.C. grew rapidly, and more and longer motorcycle rides throughout Sinaloa State became the norm.

Mazatlan Moto Week Parade 2015A founding member of the club, the late Ermes Escobar, proposed an annual motorcycle rally in Mazatlan, and in 1995 his dream came true with the first inaugural Mazatlan Bike Week -- which was a huge success.

By 2001 the scale of the rally had grown enormously -- motorcyclist were coming to Mazatlan from many countries, including countries in Europe and Asia.

Female motorcyclist Mazatlan 2015Motoclub Mazatlan chose to change the name of the event to Semana Internacional de la Moto and to fix the date as the week following Easter Sunday.

The modern International Motorcycle Week in Mazatlan is known to motorcyclists throughout the world, and draws tens of thousands of them to our port every year. These motorcycle enthusiasts provide enormous benefits to our economy and tremendous entertainment for Mazatlecos, ex-pat residents and tourists of all ages!

The newest, coolest, motorcycle route in Mexico: Mazatlan - Durango - Mazatlan!

Of particular interest to 2017 Moto Week attendees is the new Mazatlan - Durango segment of Mexico Federal Highway 40D.

Mexican Federal Highway 40 MapWhile some adventurous motorcyclists traversed the old Highway 40 from Mazatlan to Durango, it was a true feat of endurance: 180 miles of grueling switchback turns that took as much as eight hours to ride.

It was also a very dangerous road for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the oversized trucks that motorcycles shared the road with -- trucks that simply didn't fit within the two rather narrow lanes.

The new Highway 40D has cut the distance to Durango to 140 miles and the ride time to under three hours. This remarkable engineering feat was accomplished by blasting a new route through some of the most rugged parts of the Sierra Madre mountains!

This new highway provides motorcyclists spectacular views from a safe four-lane divided road, and you get to ride through 63 tunnels and over 115 bridges, including the 3,600 foot long Baluarte Bridge that is 1,300 feet above the Baluarte River -- the highest suspension bridge in the world!

Baluarte Bridge under constructionMotorcyclists from Texas and other parts of the south-central United States particularly benefit from the new Mexico Federal Highway 40D.

It's a long ride, but McAllen, Texas, to Mazatlan can now be ridden in roughly 13 - 14 hours!

Even if you want to be in Mazatlan for every minute of Moto Week from Wednesday April 19 until Sunday April 23, it might be worth considering coming down a day or two early -- or staying a day or two after -- to experience the Mazatlan - Durango portion of Highway 40D.

You can even ride the round trip in one day!

The best motorcycle day trips
from Mazatlan

Overview day trip mapOne of the most amazing things about Mazatlan is the number of highly recommended day trips that that motorcyclists can take within Sinaloa.

The variety of terrain and the diversity of the pueblos and other destinations is simply breathtaking, with Sinaloa State offering everything from quaint colonial mountain communities to massive nature reserves and tranquil seaside getaways.

From the very shortest motorcycle day trips to El Quelite, La Noria and Concordia -- all three only roughly 25 miles each way -- to longer rides to destinations such as Cosala and Teacapan, motorcycle day trips from Mazatlan are extremely fun.

We invite you to review our day trips pages and consider visiting one or more of these fascinating Sinaloa pueblos!

Getting your motorcycle repaired
in Mazatlan

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, local members of Motoclub Mazatlan, A.C. are known to be extremely helpful to fellow bikers in need of mechanical assistance!

Motorcyclists who encounter mechanical problems with their machines can now count on parts availability from a number of substantial motorcycle dealerships in Mazatlan, and the services of well-trusted, experienced, motorcycle mechanics who reside in Mazatlan.

For more exotic motorcycle parts, larger dealerships in Durango and Guadajajara are adept at rapid shipment to Mazatlan.

Motorcycle Week Mazatlan 2018! | History of Moto Week Mazatlan

Mazatlan - Durango rides | Motorcycle day trips from Mazatlan

Motorcycle Repair in Mazatlan - Dealerships, Mechanics and Parts

International Motorcycle Week 2018 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico - Get ready for Semana Internacional de la Moto Mazatlan 2018, running from Wednesday April 4 until Sunday April 8, 2018!


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