The 33 best Pizza Places in Mazatlan recommended by the 2022 Mazatlan Restaurant Guide: Popular Pizza Parlors for everyone!
Reviews and descriptions of the 33 best pizzerias serving top rated thin crust and delicious deep dish pizza - and offering dine-in, delivery and take-out!

Pizza in Mazatlan | Travel Guide 2022 Homepage

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Updated December 11, 2022


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33 Mazatlan Mexico Pizzerias / Click for Restaurant Guide homepagePizza in Mazatlán
The 33 best pizza places with take-out and delivery in Mazatlan

Pizza in Mazatlan Mexico Feeling the craving for pizza as delicious as back home?

There are, of course, the obvious fast food style choices like Domino's and the Mexican franchises Pizzeta, Rin Rin and Pizza Xtreme Factory.

But top rated Mazatlan pizza can be as fancy as you want it to be, whether you're looking for deep dish or thin crust, and whether you want a familiar franchise pizza brand or something more exotic. Popular Mazatlan pizza places won't let you down! Dine in, carry out or let them deliver to right where you are!

Alforno Pizza | Benji's on Stone Island | Domino's | La Mona Pizzeria Cantina

La Rustica | Mi Casita Pizzeria | Nando's Chicago Style Pizza | Ocho Octavos 8/8

Pizza al Taglio Da Venzi | Pizza Xtreme Factory | Pizzeta | Rin Rin Pizza

Via Condotti Café y Pizzeria

Get your gourmet pizza-freak on in Mazatlan!

The top rated Mazatlan pizzeria-restaurants that serve delicious gourmet pizza include Alforno, La Mona, La Rustica, Mi Casita Pizzeria, Nando's Chicago Style Pizza, Pizza al Taglio Da Venzi and Via Condotti.

You want that pizza delivered to your home or hotel room? No problem!

Pizza delivery in Mazatlan is easy, with Domino's, Pizza Hut, Rin Rin and Pizza Xtreme Factory delivering to virtually every part of The Pearl of The Pacific -- at virtually any hour -- and with popular gourmet pizzerias also offering delivery to most places where visitors are located.

It is worth noting that pizzarias aren't the only restaurants that deliver -- many of the restaurants listed on other pages on this website do as well.

So go ahead and indulge yourself with the best recommended pizza pies in Mazatlan Mexico!

Alforno Pizza Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended pizzeria
Best pizza & calzones at Marina Mazatlan / Information and restaurant reviews

Alforno Pizza MazatlanAlforno Pizza in Mazatlan is located at the marina.

Serving a wide range of traditional and gourmet wood-fired pizzas, Alforno Pizza also creates delicious calzones. Dine on Alforno's patio, in the air conditioned dining room, or take-out: everything is available to-go. Delivery from the Alforno pizzeria is free, and they can deliver pizza to your Golden Zone - Zona Dorada hotel in minutes.

Try a house special layered with generous portions of salami, ham, peppers, mushrooms and black olives!

Telephone 669 913 5050

Boulevard Marina Mazatlan 2205 / Marina Mazatlan

Benji's on Stone Island Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended pizzeria
Best pizza on Stone Island / Information and restaurant reviews

Pizza Benji's is located on Mazatlan's Stone Island, and serves pizza in a palapa seaside environment.

Benji's is the only restaurant that serves pizza on Stone Island, and offers delicious Mexican pizzas such as shrimp garlic pies.

There are also a number of non-pizza offerings, like Shrimp Diablo. Pizza Benji's serves both beer and non-alcohol beverages.

Stone Island, on The Beach

Domino's Pizza
Delivery and take-out in Mazatlan

Domino's Pizza has several locations in Mazatlan, and offers pizza delivery to virtually every part of Mazatlan Mexico.

Telephone 669 913 9000

Avenida Camarón Sábalo 204 / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Telephone 669 986 3030

Insurgentes 2002 / Across the street from the Burger King

Telephone 669 985 3020

Avenida Del Mar 110 / On the Malecon just north of the Hotel de Cima

La Mona Pizzeria Cantina Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best pizza in the Centro Historico / Information and restaurant reviews

La Mona pizza in Mazatlan is located in Mazatlan's Centro Historico, and serves some of the most highly recommended Mazatlan pizza. New York Style (thin crust) and baked in a wood-fired oven, a La Mona pizza is a gourmet treat, and many consider it to be the best pizza in Mazatlan Mexico.

La Mona's salads are also very good, and are a perfectly satisfying light meal -- particularly nice on a hot day! This pizzaria is also a full-service cantina with a wide selection of domestic and imported beers, wines, and spirits.

The original La Mona pizza is on Niños Heros half a block north of Constitution, and opens at 3:00pm.

For the convenience and dining pleasure of those located in Nuevo Mazatlan, a second La Mona pizzeria is now located at the new Marina, beside Sr. Peppers. Visa and MasterCard credit cards accepted.

Niños Heroes 1508 / Centro Historico / Telephone 669 981 5610

Avenida Paseo de la Isla / Marina Mazatlan / Telephone 669 916 0606

La Rustica Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended pizzeria
Best pizza in Centro / Information and restaurant reviews

La Rustica pizza in Mazatlan is located in Centro, and serves delicious wood-fire baked pizzas that satisfy!

La Rustica also serves excellent spaghetti, calzones and salads, and has wine in addition to non-alcohol beverages.

This pizza parlor is open from noon until 10pm daily, offers take-out and delivery, and you can even order online!

Telephone 669 182 1429

Calle Francisco Villa 2312 / Centro

Mi Casita Pizzeria Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended pizzeria
Pizza in Mazatlan in Centro / Restaurant reviews and information

Mi Casita Pizzeria in Mazatlan is a wonderful antidote for franchise-pizza burn out!

Located on the lovely shaded front patio of the Lizarraga family home in Centro, this welcoming family restaurant serves delicious home-made thin and thick crust pizzas and submarine sandwiches.

At Mi Casita there are no menus, and diners are simply asked to choose the ingredients they'd like on their pizza or sandwich. Mi Casita doesn't serve alcohol, but guests are welcome to bring their own.

Very modestly priced, Mi Casita Pizzeria is open Thursday thru Saturday noon until about 9pm, cash only. English is spoken so it's no problem calling to order in advance.

Telephone 669 910 1158

Melchor Ocampo 407 / Centro

Nando's Chicago Style Pizza Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Pizzerias in Mazatlan in the Golden Zone and Centro Historico / Restaurant reviews and information

Nando's Chicago Style Pizza in Mazatlan delivers great pizza pies!

Located in the Golden Zone just south of the El Cid, Nando's creates delicious deep dish and thin crust pizzas, all perfectly made with fresh ingredients including fresh mushrooms, homemade sauce and generous helpings of cheese and toppings.

Nando's pizzeria also serves lasagne and other Italian favorites, salads and tasty onion rings.

Nando's Chicago Style Pizza has three locations in Mazatlan, and all are open Monday - Friday from 1pm - 11pm, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm until 11pm.

Visa and MasterCard credit cards accepted, take-out and delivery available.

• Camarón Sábalo 5108 / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada / Telephone 669 913 3222

• Belasario Dominguez and Mariano Escobedo / Centro Historico

• Avenida Del Delfin 301 / Fraccionamiento Los Mangos / Telephone 669 930 1010

Ocho Octavos 8/8 Pizza & Café Recommended Pizza restaurant
Restaurant reviews and information about the best pizza in Mazatlan

Ocho Octavos 8/8 Pizza & Café is a modern pizza parlor located on Avenida Rafael Buelna near the Home Depot.

Mexican with an Italian spin, the extensive menu offers a range of pizza, pastas, calzones, and salads. Ocho Octavos is open from 8am until 11pm and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast menu has all the standard items, as well as unusual omlettes that you can build yourself by choosing the ingredients.

Ocho Octavos has a strong Mexican clientèle. This restaurant has parking in the rear and is wheel chair accessible, and its location makes it perfect for before or after movie theater dining, with the cinema essentially just across the street!

Telephone 669 112 1210

Avenida Rafael Buelna 886 / Between Home Depot and the Polimedica Building

Pizza al Taglio Da Venzi Recommended Pizza restaurant
Restaurant reviews and information about the best pizza in Mazatlan

Pizza al Taglio Da Venzi is the creation of Italian-born Super Chef Eddie, former personal chef to Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world!

Pizza al Taglio Da Venzi is New York / Chicago authentic, and the pizzas they serve are too. Menu offerings include pies ranging from traditional combos to more unusual fare with ingredients like shrimp and carmelized onions. Other menu items include delicious focaccia and amazing lasagne.

Unlike most higher-line pizzerias in Mazatlan, they also sell delicious slices for that pizza-fix on the run.

Open every day from 9:30am until 2am, Fridays until 4am! Take-out and delivery available.

Telephone 669 983 5111

Camaron Sabalo 109 / Golden Zone

Pizza Xtreme Factory
Delivery and take-out in Mazatlan

Pizza Xtreme Factory has 6 locations in Mazatlan, and offers pizza delivery to virtually every part of Mazatlan Mexico.

The Pizza Xtreme Factory Mazatlan locations are part of a large Mexican pizza franchise organization with shops in the states of Baja California Sur, Sonora, Sinaloa and Nayarit and the cities of Los Cabos, Ciudad Obregón, Los Mochis, Guasave, Guamuchil, Cosala, Culiacan, La Cruz, Mazatlan, Escuinapa, Rosario and Tepic.

Centro / Telephone 669 982 2021

Colosio / Telephone 669 990 2050

Juarez / Telephone 669 983 1130

Sanchez Celis / Telephone 669 984 3922

Rio Piaxlta / Telephone 669 981 1198

Alarcon / Telephone 669 180 2210

Pizza delivery and take-out in Mazatlan

Pizzeta is the creation of the Velez Gonzalez Family, pioneers in the Pizza Parlour business in Mexico. This chain now has over 80 stores located primarily in Central Northwest Mexico. Pizzeta has two locations in Mazatlan -- both associated with large Soriana grocery stores -- and offers restaurant seating, delivery, take away and catering for special events.

Soriana Insurgentes / Avenida Insurgentes 1198 / Telephone 669 990 1234

Soriana Santa Rosa / Luis Donaldo Colosio 17301 / Telephone 669 940 4040

Rin Rin Pizza
Pizza delivery and take-out in Mazatlan

Rin Rin Pizza has 10 locations in Mazatlan, and offers pizza delivery to virtually every part of Mazatlan Mexico. Rin Rin franchises offer all sorts of discount packages for large groups.

Golden Zone / Avenida Camarón Sábalo 1000 / Telephone 669 913 3955

Centro / Calle Luis Zuniga 2227 / Telephone 669 981 7964

Plaza Sendero / Avenida Oscar Perez Escobosa 801 / Telephone 669 968 0218

Plaza Galerias / Avenida del Delfin 6204 / Telephone 669 688 0700

Plaza Ley Vieja / Avenida Ejercito Mexicano / Telephone 669 982 5190

La Gran Plaza Mall / Avenida Reforma / Telephone 669 986 7170

Mega Commercial Center / Avenida Rafael Buelna 118 / Telephone 669 112 0733

Avenida Insurgentes 1418 / Telephone 669 984 7570

Avenida Bicentenario 1248 / Francisco Villa / Telephone 669 940 2020

Avenida de Las Americas / Benito Juarez / Telephone 669 984 7570

Via Condotti Café y Pizzeria
Gourmet Pizza Parlor and pizza delivery and take-out in Mazatlan

Located in the The Culinary Market in the Centro Historico, Via Condotti is one of the best gourmet pizza places in Mazatlan.

The creation of Chef Hector Peniche, Via Condotti starts serving breakfast at 8am -- not pizza, it's basically menu items from the late, great, Krema and Hector's Bistro -- and begins serving delicious Neapolitan style pizzas and salads at noon.

The spotless open kitchen is a delight, offering diners a view of their pizza being crafted!

This pizza parlor has a full bar -- now featuring artisanal beers from Mazatlan's own micro brewery, Tres Islas -- and stays open until 11pm. Via Condotti has both indoor and outdoor seating. Open every day except Sunday.

Heriberto Frias 1505 / Centro Historico

Telephone 669 981 1577

Alforno Pizza | Benji's on Stone Island | Domino's | La Mona Pizzeria Cantina

La Rustica | Mi Casita Pizzeria | Nando's Chicago Style Pizza | Ocho Octavos 8/8

Pizza al Taglio Da Venzi | Pizza Xtreme Factory | Pizzeta | Rin Rin Pizza

Via Condotti Café y Pizzeria

Reviews and recommendations about the 33 best pizza parlors and popular pizzeria-restaurants in Mazatlan Mexico with dine-in, take-out and delivery of deep dish and thin crust pies


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