Recommended hamburgers, hot dogs fried and roasted chicken, and chicken wings from popular Mazatlan Restaurant Guide dining establishments!
The 36 best restaurants for delicious top rated burgers, dogs, roast and fried chicken, chicken wings, subway sandwiches and fast food in Mazatlan Mexico, Pearl of The Pacific!

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Updated December 11, 2022


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36 popular Mazatlan Mexico restaurants serving Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken Wings, Fast Food / Click for Restaurant Guide homepageBurgers, dogs, chicken, wings
Best hamburgers, chicken, wings & hot dogs in Mazatlán

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Chicken and Chicken Wings in Mazatlan Mexico

Beach Burger | Bodega Snacks & Beer | Burger King | Carl's Jr. | Chiltepino's

Diablo's Super Hot-dogs | El Carboncito | El 4to | El Padre | El Trailer

Gustavo's Kitchen | KFC | La Morsa Restaurant & Bar | Mary's Sandwich Shoppe

McDonald's | New York Burger | Peter Papas & Burger | Puro Pollo

Roadhouse Garage & Grill | Rod's Burgers | Springs Tu Ensalada

Subway | Taller de Hamburguesas | Tony's Burgers | Wings Army

Feeling like a really good burger? Maybe some spicy chicken wings? Or, maybe you want to try one of the delicious bacon-wrapped Sinaloan hot dogs you've been hearing about?

Beyond the obvious fast food franchise restaurant choices like McDonald's, Burger King or Carl's Jr., Mazatlan offers delicious gourmet hamburgers from a number of restaurants including ever-popular Mary's Sandwich Shoppe (a long-time favorite that many consider the best burger in Mazatlan) and newer tasty upstarts like Beach Burger, Bodega Snacks & Beer, New York Burger, Roadhouse Garage and Grill, Rod's Burgers and Tony's Burgers.

Don't forget hot dogs!

Mexican style hot dogs are delicious and different -- usually wrapped in crisp bacon -- and hot dogs are one of our most popular street foods (click here for more on Mazatlan Street Food Carts).

A really great place to sample a street car hot dog is top rated El Padre in the Centro Historico -- make sure to try the unusual (for Americans and Canadians) toppings, like guacamole, salsas and chiles.

If you want to try a Sinaloa hot dog off the street, the popular Diablo's Super Hot-dogs near the Home Depot is a good choice -- it's a late night place: only open from 7pm - 2am.

It's also worth noting that the hot dogs at the Mazatlan Venados baseball stadium heaped with grilled onions and -- of course -- bacon wrapped, are really good-time baseball comfort food at its best!

So go ahead and indulge yourself with Mazatlan's best hamburgers, dogs, chicken and wings!

Beach Burger Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best hamburgers in the Centro Historico / Information and restaurant reviews

the ever-popular Beach Burger restaurant in Mazatlan is a casual restaurant on Plaza Machado in the Mazatlan Centro Historico. Beach Burger is best known for its delicious 1/2 pound burgers which many consider to be Mazatlan's best hamburgers.

The basic Beach Burger hamburger is a delicious cheeseburger, and the restaurant also offers burgers with mushrooms, bacon, or teriyaki sauce. Beach Burger hamburgers are served with a choice of fries, slaw or potato salad. Beach Burger BBQ ribs are also very good, and Beach Burger in Mazatlan also offers steaks, shrimp, snacks like fish fingers and chicken fingers, sandwiches and desserts.

Sit at one of Beach Burger's umbrella-shaded tables and watch life in Plaza Machado go by!

Telephone 669 981 4356

Constitución 513 / Plaza Machado / Centro Historico

Bodega Snacks & Beer Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best burgers in Mazatlan / Information and restaurant reviews

If delicious hamburgers and gourmet beer are what you're craving, Bodega Snacks & Beer in Mazatlan is the place to go!

Located just off the Malecon at the southern end of the Golden Zone, this restaurant offers appetizers like shrimp, fried calamari and nachos as well as salads, but the burgers and the very wide selection of imported and domestic beers are the show.

Open Tuesday - Saturday from 2pm until after midnight and on Sunday from 5pm until 10pm, Bodega Snacks & Beer accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards and has parking directly in front of the restaurant.

Telephone 669 191 1559

Avenida Camarón Sábalo 102 / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Burger King Locations in Mazatlan

There are five Burger King restaurants in Mazatlan. Burger King's are open from morning until late evening, daily. All Burger King restaurant locations provide free WiFi, parking, and accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Burger King Mazatlan WiFi

Avenida Camarón Sábalo / Golden Zone / Telephone 669 914 0404

Within La Gran Plaza Shopping Mall / Telephone 669 990 2390

Avenida Insurgentes 1198 / Telephone 669 986 7813

Benito Juarez and Leonardo Valle / Centro / Telephone 669 912 1349

Benito Juarez 98 / Centro

Carl's Jr. Location in Mazatlan

Carl's Jr. has two locations within Mazatlan: one on Avenida Camaron Sabalo and the other on Avenida Rafael Buelna.

They also have a Carl's Jr. located at the airport food court -- perfectly situated if you want a last Carl's Jr. hamburger coming in, or The Taste of Home as you fly out!

• Camaron Sabalo 1702 / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada / Open 8am - 11pm

• Avenida de la Marina 400 at Rafael Buelna / Open 8am - 11pm

General Rafael Buelna Aeropuerto Internacional

Chiltepino's Restaurant & Sports Bar
Hot chicken wings in Mazatlan

Chiltepino's Restaurant & Sports Bar in Mazatlan is part of a highly successful chain of popular wings restaurants that are present all over northwestern Mexico.

Chiltepino's serves a dazzling array of hot chicken wings, as well as a large menu of hamburgers and entrees like boneless chicken breasts -- and even salads.

Chiltepino's at the Mazatlan Marina has a full bar serving both bottled and draft beers, as well as hard liquor and mixed drinks.

Telephone 669 913 1047

Paseo de la Isla 2219 / Marina Mazatlan

Diablo's Super Hot-dogs
Hot dog take-out and delivery in Mazatlan

Not traditional in the least, Diablo's Super Hot-dogs in Mazatlan serves delicious -- and large -- Sinaloa hot dogs nestled in puffy buns.

The menu offers 13 different hot dogs, and a very large array of toppings and sides. Located on Rafael Buelna just inland from the southern end of the Golden Zone, these inexpensive hot dogs are full meals!

Diablo's Super Hot Dogs is open from 7pm - 2am every day, and has a secure parking lot.

Telephone 669 182 1645

Avenida Rafael Buelna 21 / Lomas de Mazatlan / By Home Depot

El Carboncito Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best hamburgers in Centro / Information and restaurant reviews

Inexpensive and very friendly and welcoming, El Carboncito serves some of the best hamburgers in Mazatlan.

Located just off the Malecon on Insurgentes, El Carboncito specializes in burgers and offers each one prepared with either sirloin or arranchera beef. Sesame seed buns; crinkle-cut fries; fried onions; pickles; mushrooms and more -- burger dining at its best!

El Carboncito has both indoor and outdoor seating and will deliver to most locations in Mazatlan. Not a breakfast place, El Carboncito opens at 1pm and usually stays open until 10-11pm.

Insurgentes 305 / Centro

El 4to Beer & Burger Depot Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best hamburgers in Centro and at La Trokeria Mazatlan / Information and restaurant reviews

El 4to Beer & Burger Depot advertises itself as a Burger Restaurant / Brewery -- and delivers on both counts.

The original El 4to Beer & Burger Depot is located in the Centro Historico just a couple of hundred feet off the Plaza Machado.

This burger joint serves up massive gourmet burgers and the bar includes not only a wide selection Mexican beers, but a range of hard-to-find European imports like Stella from Belgium.

Highly recommended by travelers and full-time residents alike, the 4to Centro Historico has both indoor and outdoor seating and is open from 5pm until 11:30pm.

4to also has a food truck at La Trockeria, the food truck area across from the El Cid Marina.

Sixto Osuna 28 at Belisario Dominguez / Centro Historico / Tel 669 668 7629

Avenida Marina Mazatlan 1802 at La Trokeria / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

El Padre Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best hot dogs in the Centro Historico / Information and restaurant reviews

Looking for great Sinaloa bacon-wrapped hot dogs in Mazatlan? Stroll on over to El Padre and enjoy a delicious Sinaloa char-dog!

Just a small cart two blocks from the Plaza Machado, El Padre is very popular with the after-hours crowd. Perfectly grilled and covered with melted cheese, grilled onions, hot peppers, guacamole and salsa, these hot dogs are full meals.

If you want to lean more about the fantastic street food in Mazatlan, just click here!

Angel Flores and Carnaval / Centro Historico

El Trailer Burger Restaurant Food Truck Recommended
Best hamburgers on The Malecon / Information and restaurant reviews

Imagine gourmet burgers overlooking the ocean -- and then go to El Trailer -- a mobile food truck -- and experience it!

Located on Avenida del Mar just across the street from the beach, El Trailer serves truly gourmet burgers, including a selection of unusual burgers such as seared Asian-spiced tuna burgers and other treats for those who don't want red meat.

Add golden steak-cut french fries, onion rings -- maybe bacon and cheddar cheese on that burger? -- and you're in Hamburger Heaven.

El Trailer Burger Restaurant Food Truck is generally open from 5pm until 11pm.

Telephone 669 118 4096

Avenida del Mar 2100 / On the Malecon

Gustavo's Kitchen Recommended Mazatlan Rosticeria
Restaurant reviews and information about the best traditional local Rosticerias in Mazatlan

Gustavo's Kitchen -- formerly Cafe Cosmos Rosticeria -- isn't just another chicken shack. Lots of people believe its the best Rosticeria in Mazatlan!

Pollo Rostizado is -- by its simplest definition -- just roasted Chicken. But at Gustavo's Kitchen, its USA-trained catering chef and owner Gustavo Gama has created something a lot more sophisticated.

Would you like that chicken mustard and herb encrusted? How about a side of oven roasted rosemary-flavored potato wedges? Or would you prefer a tangy vinaigrette potato salad seasoned with diced red onions?

Gustavo's Kitchen is open from noon until late in the day. Gustavo's Kitchen does a big take-out business. If you phone in your order -- from his time in the United States Chef Gustavo Gama and his wife speak excellent English -- your order will be ready when you get there.

Or you can enjoy your chicken in the very cool new dining room!

Telephone 669 196 5358

Benito Juarez 2704

KFC Location in Mazatlan

The only Kentucky Fried Chicken in Mazatlan is located near the IMSS hospital just off the Malecon at the Fisherman's Monument. The Mazatlan KFC menu is mostly the same as in the United States.

Avenida Ejercito Mexicano 1106 / By the IMSS Hospital

La Morsa Restaurant & Bar Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best burgers in the Golden Zone / Information and restaurant reviews

the popular La Morsa Restaurant & Bar is located in the Mazatlan Golden Zone, and serves delicious hamburgers, french fries, cole slaw, onion rings and other north-of-the-border favorites!

If you want to venture beyond burgers, La Morsa also serves a nice selection of fun appetizers and entrees including steak or curry-chicken brochettes, flank and rib eye steaks, ribs, soups, salads and desserts.

As befits its name, La Morsa Restaurant & Bar has an extensive bar with a wide selection of beers and spirits of all types.

La Morsa is open from 5pm - midnight Tuesday - Saturday; 2pm - 10pm on Sunday; closed Mondays.

Telephone 669 913 5017

Camaron Sabalo 204 / Plaza Comercial Lomas / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Mary's Sandwich Shoppe Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best hamburgers in the Mazatlan Golden Zone / Restaurant reviews and information

Also one of our recommended American-style international restaurants, Mary's restaurant in Mazatlan delivers a terrific hamburger! Located in the heart of Mazatlan's Golden Zone - Zona Dorada, this long-time burger favorite -- it was established in 2003 by Minnesota native Mary Patnode -- never disappoints.

The menu is large, starting with delicious breakfasts that span the range from heart-healthy yogurts and granola to waffles and pancakes or decadent omelets and breakfast burritos.

At lunch and later Mary's Sandwich Shoppe serves top rated hamburgers, cheeseburgers, mushroom cheeseburgers, hawaiian burgers and even a chicken burger for those who don't like red meat. There are also a very wide variety of other delicious classic sandwiches, including Philly Cheese Steak!

Mary's provides free delivery in the Golden Zone and has ample outdoor seating on their spacious patio.

For a dessert treat diners at Mary's have a great option: the Bing Ice Cream shop just next door!

Telephone 669 913 0090

Avenida Camarón Sábalo / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

McDonald's Locations in Mazatlan

There are two McDonald's in Mazatlan: one located in the Golden Zone - Zona Dorada, and the other on Carretera Internacional in the same shopping plaza that houses Office Depot.

Both McDonald's provide parking, free wifi, drive-through take-out windows, a McDonald's Playplace for children, and accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Me Encanta!

McDonald's Mazatlan WiFi

Avenida Rafael Buelna / Golden Zone / Telephone 669 984 8050

Carretera Internacional 2002 / Telephone 669 990 0117

New York Burger Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best burgers in Mazatlan on the Malecon / Restaurant reviews and information

Want a slammin' American-style burger with an ocean view? Look no further than New York Burger in Mazatlan.

Located on the Malecon, this burger joint serves up delicious juicy hamburgers and cheesburgers with all the trimmings -- and terrific fries!

Telephone 669 176 1409

Avenida del Mar 1022 / On The Malecon

Peter Papas & Burger Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best burgers in Mazatlan / Restaurant reviews and information

Peter Papas & Burger is a higher-line fast food joint with waiter service that specializes in juicy hamburgers and delicious stuffed Papas Locas (Crazy Potatoes).

Peter Papas & Burger is open from 8:30am - 11:00pm Monday through Saturday, 2:00pm - 11:00pm on Sunday. They do both take-out and delivery. Cash Only.

Telephone 669 668 0665

Silverio Perez 130 / El Toreo

Puro Pollo Locations in Mazatlan

Want some KFC-style fried chicken that isn't from Kentucky? Try Puro Pollo, Mexico's answer to KFC!

Crispy and maybe just a slight bit spicier than its American cousin, Puro Pollo is very popular with Mexicans and satisfies fried chicken lovers of all nationalities day and night.

There are nine Puro Pollo locations in Mazatlan, and they all deliver pretty much anywhere in Mazatlan. The two that are usually the most useful to tourists and ex-pat residents are located in the Golden Zone and in Centro.

You can even order your fried chicken delivery online!

Avenida Camarón Sábalo 337 / Golden Zone / Telephone 669 916 5628

Avenida Juan Carrasco 105 / Centro / Telephone 669 981 5353

Roadhouse Garage and Grill Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best hamburgers in Mazatlan / Information and restaurant reviews

Roadhouse Garage Grill MazatlanOwned by the original family who started the Purple Onion, the Roadhouse Garage and Grill in Mazatlan delivers excellent hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, chilli, BBQ and home made pies!

Open every day except Tuesday from 12pm - 6pm, the Roadhouse Garage and Grill has both indoor and outdoor seating, has ample parking in front of the restaurant. Cash only, take out available.

Telephone 669 913 0983

Avenida Carlos Canseco 6044 / In front of Club Mediterraneo at Marina Mazatlan

Rod's Burgers Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best hamburgers in Mazatlan Centro / Information and restaurant reviews

Rod's Burgers in Mazatlan is very inexpensive -- and delicious! Located in the Centro Historico between Carnaval and Heriberto Frias, you can count on tasty hamburgers, fresh buns and really crispy french fries!

Telephone 669 121 6404

Libertad 403 / Centro Historico

Springs tu Ensalada Location in Mazatlan

Springs is located within La Gran Plaza at the food court, and in some ways resembles Subway sandwich shops.

Springs to Ensalada serves fresh fast food every day from 8 am - 10 pm.

Spring serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers both take-out and delivery service. Visa and MasterCard credit cards accepted.

Within La Gran Plaza at the food court / Telephone 669 986 4444

Subway Location in Mazatlan

There are two Subway Sandwich Shops in Mazatlan -- one in the Golden Zone and the other at Marina Mazatlan. The Mazatlan Subway menu is functionally identical to what is served in the United States and Canada.

Avenida Camarón Sábalo 204 / Golden Zone / Telephone 669 913 5024

Avenida Marina Mazatlan 2216 / Nuevo Mazatlan / Telephone 669 913 3318

Taller de Hamburguesas Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best hamburgers in Central Mazatlan / Information and restaurant reviews

Taller de Hamburguesas ("Hamburger Workshop") is a hip burger place in central Mazatlan.

A bit off the beaten path for most tourists, this contemporary Colonia Olimpica burger joint is worth the trip (your Pulmonia driver will know exactly where it is...).

Once you're there, you can choose from 10 beef hamburgers and three delicious salads. Add cross-cut fries, crispy bacon and cheese topings and, baybe, BBQ sauce and you're good-to-go!

Taller de Hamburguesas is open from 5:30pm until 11pm, accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards, and does take-out. (note: your take-out is wrapped in foil...).

Telephone 669 988 6567

Avenida Independencia 1100 / Colonia Olimpica

Tony's Burgers Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best hamburgers in Mazatlan Centro / Information and restaurant reviews

Tony's Burgers in Mazatlan is located inside the Mercado Pino Suarez in Centro on the southeast side of the building (Booth B28), and serves up a delicious hamburger, as well as a number of tasty Mexican dishes.

In addition to classic beef hamburgers and cheeseburgers, Tony makes popular local variations like Shrimp burgers -- all served with generous portions of golden brown french fries. Tony's Burgers also offers a variety of eggs, omelets, pancakes and bacon.

Mexican specialties include mouth-watering tortas, as well as pork, chicken and carne asada favorites.

Very inexpensive, Tony's Burgers is open from 9am until 6pm, and offers both take-out and free local delivery.

Telephone 669 668 9843

Inside Mercado Pino Suarez / Centro

Wing's Army Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Best recommended American style wings and BBQ in Mazatlan / Restaurant reviews and information

Wing's Army is a restaurant chain specializing, as the name says, in chicken wings and various American style fried and BBQ creations. First launched in Guadalajara, Jalisco, there are now over 60 Wing's Army locations throughout Mexico including Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun.

Wings Army is a bar concept set within an American military atmosphere, which is unique in Mexico to say the least! At Wing's Army in Mazatlan you can enjoy over 40 different brands of Mexican and imported beers, hamburgers, sandwiches, appetizers and more.

But chicken wings are what Wings Army is known for, served with your choice of more than fourteen different sauces! Among the American restaurants in Mazatlan Wing's Army stands out. There are two Wing's Army locations in Mazatlan: one Wing's Army is located in the Plaza Bahia Marina in Cerritos, the other on Niños Heroes in the Centro Historico.

Visa and MasterCard credit cards accepted.

Telephone 669 913 4061 / Plaza Bahia Marina / Cerritos

Telephone 669 981 2730 / Niños Heroes 1503 / Centro Historico

Beach Burger | Bodega Snacks & Beer | Burger King | Carl's Jr. | Chiltepino's

Diablo's Super Hot-dogs | El Carboncito | El 4to | El Padre | El Trailer

Gustavo's Kitchen | KFC | La Morsa Restaurant & Bar | Mary's Sandwich Shoppe

McDonald's | New York Burger | Peter Papas & Burger | Puro Pollo

Roadhouse Garage & Grill | Rod's Burgers | Springs Tu Ensalada

Subway | Taller de Hamburguesas | Tony's Burgers | Wings Army

Reviews and recommendations about the 36 best restaurants in Mazatlan serving top rated hamburgers, hot dogs, roasted and fried chicken, spicy chicken wings and familiar American Fast Food!


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